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Bach for baroque cello, beatbox and dance

With the principle that music equals movement, equals noise, the 3 artists Johann Sebastian Bach’s first two suites for cello solo analyze and put them back together for the unusual trio of baroque cello, beatbox and dance. The result is a work that uses the different art forms as instruments of equal value and thus allows Bach’s sounds and compositional structures to appear in a completely new way.
„How would Bach be as a performance artist today?“

1. 9. 2024 – 11:30
Tresor Einbeck
Tickets: tangobrü

artistic director, concept: Julia Kursawe
choreography, dance: Yui Kawaguchi 
beatboxing, live looping: Daniel Mandolini
arrangements, baroque cello: Julia Kursawe 
costume: Alice Erika Hoffmann
lights and technical direction: Fabian Bleisch
sound: Jordi Kuragari

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 Eisenach – 1750 Leipzig)
Suite for Violoncello solo in G-Major and d-minor, BW 1007 and 1008 
Prélude – Allemande – Courante – Sarabande – Menuett 1 + 2 – Gigue

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