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Philip Glass ‘Minimal Music and the splendid Baroque music of Dall’Abaco come together unexpectedly in a common movement language of dance and cello music.

Minimal music and the splendor of baroque music seem to be diametrically opposed. The artists Julia Kursawe and Irene Cortina Gonzáles take a closer look. They present the compositions „Songs and Poems“ by Philip Glass and „Capricci for Cello solo“ by Joseph M.C.F. Dall’Abaco right next to each other and discover connecting elements in both styles.
Patterns emerge from mostly simple, repetitive motifs, which shape the music not through extreme contrasts or development, but rather through a continuum.
The suite MINIMALE is developing into a suite as it was common 350 years ago, but with the content of today’s and baroque compositions for cello solo. This is reinforced by the translation of the musical language of movement into modern dance.

Concept, musical direction and baroque cello: Julia Kursawe 
Choreography and dance: Irene Cortina González 
Costumes: Christin Noel 

Philip Glass (born 1937 Baltimore, Maryland, USA) – No. 3 from Songs and Poems for cello solo (2007) 
Joseph M.C.F.Dall’Abaco (1710 Brüssel – 1850 province Verona) – Capriccio No. 6 for cello solo 
Philip Glass – No. 7 from Songs and Poems 
J.M.C.F. Dall’Abaco – Capriccio No. 5 

Philip Glass – No. 2 from Songs and Poems
J.M.C.F. Dall’Abaco – Capriccio No. 2
J.M.C.F. Dall’Abaco – Capriccio No. 7 
Philip Glass – No. 6 from Songs and Poems 

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