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Suite Ricercare

TRAILER: Suite Ricercare LIVE

With Ricercars, who couldn’t be more different, the three exceptional artists search for sound, form and development in every corner.

The instruments alone are surprising! Who knows the Big Bass Pomeran? – a bass shawm from the 15th century.
Adrian Rovatkay sings the „Bass Nightingale“ from Erwin Schulhoff’s with this special instrument.
Julia Kursawe plays the historical Cello Piccolo while walking. Including the dance as an instrument, she composed a Ricercar in memoriam György Ligeti especialy for this production.
Yui Kawaguchi not only lets the lines of the Ricercars from the 16th century flow in moving forms; without further ado she turns the tables and both musicians have to dance to their tune.
This creates an original, extremely impressive trialogue about the shape of the Ricercar.

Premiere 28. + 29. + 30. 4.
Uferstudios Berlin
live video Tanzforum Berlin / Parts from 29. 4. 2023 at Uferstudios
1. 10.
version instrumental
Finissage, KM Uckermark, Templin

Artistic Direction, Concept, Baroque Cello, Cello Piccolo: Julia Kursawe 
Choreography, Dance: Yui Kawaguchi 
Big Bass Schawm, Dulcian: Adrian Rovatkay
Technical Direction, Lights: Fabian Bleisch

music: J. E. Kindermann (1616 – 1655), O. de Lassus (approx 1530 – 1594), J. Deprez (approx 1450 – 1521), D. Gabrielli (1651 – 1690), J. Kursawe (2022), E. Schulhoff (1922), P. Glass (2013), O. Gibbons (1583 – 1625), D. Ortiz (approx 1510 – um 1570)

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